Sunday, August 2, 2020

Zooming into the Future, Part 4

A small step forward – toward our new normal 
by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 08/02/2020

On Wednesday evening the Town Council conducted its first meeting in Chambers since- uhh- (??) Yes, it was that long ago. We’re on Covid time, and the days, weeks, months are a bit fuzzier without the cadence of the Mon-Fri work week. Working from home is absent the normal familiar boundaries of time and space, doing what we must when we must. However, I am deliberately grateful. I can work. Those who can’t work from home are exposed to the viral threat. Those who have no work are exposed to financial hardship and ruin. I’m exposed to longer hours. I’ll take it. Gratitude is a rare moment in these times. We all owe it to ourselves to seek it.

I found it in abundance among our Town Council members on Wednesday evening. They were grateful to experience some sense of normalcy. They were grateful just to be back doing the work of the Council – in Chambers. They were grateful simply to be socially distanced yet socially together, while also being socially connected to others via Zoom. What is also notable is that they work as volunteers, stepping up and giving of their time in gratitude.

Those of us who can master the art of grace and gratitude for the small things – the things we took for granted – will fare better in our new normal.

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Zooming into the Future, Part 4
Zooming into the Future, Part 4

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