Wednesday, August 5, 2020

In the News: new solar farm coming; beer distribution deal not moving at State House

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"The town’s fifth solar farm is projected to go live next summer. 

A 6-megawatt solar farm on Spring Street operated by Nexamp will produce enough energy to power 800 Franklin households and could potentially cut about $180 a year from the average Franklin resident’s electricity bill, said Town Administrator Jaime Hellen.  
“The big factor is that this is an opportunity for people to assess the amount of energy they’re using day to day,” said Hellen. He said if the average household pays $100 a month on electricity, it could potentially save about $15 a month, which equals to about $180 per year. 

Subscribers to the solar farm will receive credits on their National Grid electric bill for the energy produced by their solar farm share. Through an agreement with the town, Hellen said Nexamp is providing those credits at a 15% discount rate to Franklin residents. "
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Note: Franklin residents will also get the benefits of Municipal Aggregation this fall and only need to opt out of the agreement if they already have a solar or other private supply agreement.

The deal for Municipal aggregation was confirmed at the February 12, 2020 Town Council meeting. 

Beer distribution deal not moving
"It seemed like a slam-dunk. 

After years of bitter fighting, craft brewers and beer wholesalers came together at the end of July to announce that they had struck a deal that would allow smaller breweries to more easily end their relationship with a distributor if they felt their brand wasn’t being properly marketed. 

The sticking point for a decade — how small must a brewery be to be covered by the change — was resolved by setting the threshold at 250,000 barrels. The limit covered every brewery in Massachusetts except Boston Beer Company, brewer of Sam Adams. 

Everyone was happy, or so it seemed. The agreement was announced over a weekend, and on July 23 the Senate voted unanimously to accept the deal and send the bill to the House. And it hasn’t advanced since. "
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