Sunday, September 6, 2020

Arbor Day, Labor Day - Both are worthwhile celebrations

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 09/06/2020

"As a school kid, I recall Arbor Day, and ‘Trees’ by Joyce Kilmer.  The holiday was little more than the starting blocks for another school year. There wasn’t much meaning behind it. No giant festivities, fireworks, parade, big doin’s, junk food – nothin’.  Not even a corn dog.

It was – uhhm, Arbor Day. Then somewhere in those early school years it became Labor Day Again – nothing. At least, nothing for us kids to get jazzed about.

Now, both of these holidays are fine occasions that commemorate deserving causes. As an adult in these times of global warming with record high temps and record high unemployment – ? I get it. These are among the burning issues of our time. Firing up the backyard grill is nice, but – Somehow, we need to jack up the holiday gravitas and cobble together some appropriate Arbor Day/Labor Day traditions, including labors that promote the greening of our planet – and our wallets.

This notion of combining Arbor/Labor Days (or at least the causes they celebrate) is what Democrats are espousing in their Green New Deal.

Now you know.

And – This just in:
Fittingly, the first job that the Green New Deal saved – was that of its author.

There’s another day that we should celebrate – Election Day. Get out the vote. And – as always 

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Arbor Day, Labor Day  - Both are worthwhile celebrations
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