Sunday, May 9, 2021

Reminder: The Rise of Dolley Madison - May 11

Why First Lady Dolley Madison spells her name with an “e” is up to speculation. However, Mrs. Madison’s legacy goes far beyond the unconventional spelling of her name. Join us for a virtual performance to learn about the twists and turns of Mrs. Madison’s storied life as well as her largely unknown contributions to the evolution of our country.

You will learn about this “fashionista’  First Lady’s  life as a Quaker child, the tragedies and serendipities she faced in Philadelphia, her unlikely marriage to James Madison, determining role in her husband’s presidential-election victory 1809, transformation of the barren White House into a national treasure, strategies that united a fractured, contentious Congress and personal regrets as a mother.

Janet Parnes, founder of Historical Portrayals by Lady J, Millis will portray Mrs. Madison.

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The Rise of Dolley Madison - May 11
The Rise of Dolley Madison - May 11

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