Saturday, May 15, 2021

Boston Globe: "A pop-up gallery fills a vacant spot in Providence with joy and light"

Franklin received a grant to create a Pop Shop downtown. From the Boston Globe we share what Providence has done with a popup shop as an example.

"During the pandemic, downtown Providence was living in its own shadow, with empty storefronts and restaurants that were “hibernating” for the winter or closed for good.But these days, cobblestone-lined Westminster Street has started to feel alive again, thanks in part to three Rhode Island-based women and their new pop-up art gallery, “Reflection-Delight.”

Curated by Sheryl Kopel, a freelance artist manager and facilitator, the temporary exhibition has filled 233 Westminster St., a space that is usually vacant. She’s chosen two artists whose styles are vastly different, but whose work looks to project “joy and inner strength that fly in the face of darker trends in the wider world.”

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In case you missed the grant announcement:
Pop Shop Franklin
Pop Shop Franklin

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