Monday, May 10, 2021

Franklin TV: The Podcasts Are Coming!

The Dials – They Are-a-Changing – with the Times. by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 05/09/2021

“Tune in next week. Same time; same station. Until then, this is [announcer’s name] reminding you to drink your Ovaltine.”

Podcasts Are Coming
Podcasts Are Coming

Remember being ‘Tuned in’? Unless you have an old analog radio on a shelf somewhere, we don’t tune in any more. In our digital world there’s no ‘fine-tuning’. We step-select channels. We enter numbers or a URL. We scroll links.

Radio has come a long way since it’s commercial beginning in 1922. Next year, radio will be a century old technology, yet it will continue to become ever newer as its journey continues.

Radio found its way to FM, to stereo, to digital form as HD, to the internet as streaming media – and to Podcasts; which first appeared 30 years ago, long before video-on-demand. Today, podcasting is a rapidly growing two-billion-dollar industry.

Radio first appeared in the car in the 1930’s. It constitutes a fair amount of our daily listening – as radio’s ‘drive time’.

Radio is portable, ubiquitous. Radio always finds its way to where the ears are. We at are doing the same. Now you can find your way to many of Franklin Public Radio’s programs as podcasts.

What lies in the mists of the future? On-Air Radio & the Internet. Hybrid Radio. (Wait!  What?)

Broadcasters will soon be transmitting background metadata along with their programs. This information will turn your radio into a multimedia player. This will find its way into your future dashboard, most likely via your smartphone as it links its phone-screen interface, widgets and all, to your dashboard’s touch screen.

That means your car also will have internet access through your phone. All of it. Car-based browsers will emerge and evolve – for driving convenience and safety.

Being ‘tuned in’ is about to see some srsly major changes. As  [announcer’s name]  always says, “ But wait!  There’s more!”

You can look for Franklin Public Radio Programs Online at Google Podcasts, Apple Play, and wherever you get your podcasts. We will also be posting these links and more  (copy/paste into your browser)  on our website.

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Chapters with Jim Derick  (

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