Monday, May 3, 2021

Rhapsody’s Victorian Coffee House: Special Announcement

Special Announcement
The improved economic outlook is great news for everyone. Restaurants that have been closed are re-opening, therefore these restaurants will quickly need to come up to speed. I personally noticed hiring signage at almost every other restaurant in the area. It is my belief that the food and beverage industry is now suffering a labor shortage. Experienced chefs that have worked through the pandemic are now in extremely high demand. As a result, restaurants have enticed resilient chefs and experienced kitchen help away from their current jobs. 
Regrettably, Rhapsody’s is losing both our chefs and will be forced to close the kitchen for the time being, starting Thursday May 13th. However, Rhapsody’s Victorian Coffee House will remain open for coffee, tea, croissants, danishes, and muffins until we reconstitute another stellar team. This is anticipated to take some time as they have been phenomenal! We wish them both the best on their next endeavors. 
- Mike
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Rhapsody’s Victorian Coffee House:  Special Announcement
Rhapsody’s Victorian Coffee House:  Special Announcement

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