Friday, May 7, 2021

Recap - Town Council Capital Budget Subcommmittee Mtg - May 5, 2021

Quick Recap:
  • The capital budget round two was reviewed, questions answered and vote conducted on each item along the way. At the there was another vote on the grand total which effectively recorded a second vote of approval for the items.
  • Funding for a study of the police station options was approved. Long a discussion item, now the growth of the department is forcing the issue be faced as the space doesn't meet the needs of the staffing. The options of renovate, build new, including where, all need to be sorted out before a decision can be made. Good timing to study now with School also looking at their facility master plan along with updated population numbers to help with the planning.


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.

The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #cbsc0505 

Photos captured during the meeting and shared as part of the Twitter stream can be found in one album


  • Shifting (from real time reporting of the Board of Health Meeting) to capital budget Subcommittee #cbsc0505 - round two of capital, picking up with technology as Tech Director wasn't available first time.
  • Paying now, we save $100k over the life of the software licenses; #cbsc0505 sonic firewall gateway for the internet for all the schools. Upgraded to 10g line, need to upgrade the firewall to go along with it. 5 year access is for the wireless access points.
  • Q why isn't this in the regular budget. If we could save by paying up front ( the $100k), this makes sense. 
  • Approx. $250k annually for access points. Using this vendor for many years, makes the upgrades easier. #boh0505 affordable and versatile
  • Q on support for the access points, licensing covers failures if they do, the management of the devices is important. #cbsc0505 vendor only comes in when we call for support.
  • Q does anything here help with the scam issue we had earlier. No technology was involved in that, we are doing training and process stuff to address that but there is no technology to prevent that. It is human engineering. #cbsc0505 
  • Motion for wireless approval, second, ->
  • Firewall approval, second passes 4-0 as well as the first one by same vote #cbsc0505
  • Finance Committee did approve the amount for the rainy day fund, did not approve the policy. That is coming for discussion in their May meeting. #cbsc0505 
  • Bellingham runs animal control, we donate the building space and split the capital.  #cbsc0505 motion on rainy fund, second, passes 4-0
  • Animal control truck, second passes 4-0  Munis conversion, second passes 4-0  Roads, second, passes 4-0   55" of snow this season (48" in Boston) per Brutus  #cbsc0505 snow and ice, second passes 4-0
  • Highway grounds truck, second passes 4-0  School dept, security upgrade at JFK elementary interior and common areas. Second, passes 4-0
  • Facilities, police station feasibility study for new or renovated station. This starts the process, need to do this now, to help determine what the options are and should be considered with dollars for further discussion #cbsc0505
  • Looking to the future of Franklin population, requirements, female locker room has limited spots, need to tie this in with the other studies (school facilities) and figure out what our options are to prepare #cbsc0505 currently built in 1991, wetlands behind and around
  • Parking is at a premium right now, even if we expanded would we still have enough parking? The study could help figure the details #cbsc0505 the challenge will be the wetlands; maybe a HQ and substation? The study can provide the options
  • We have done a lot in the town since this was built in '91. Senior Ctr, Library, schools, fire stations, etc. We can reuse the old station if we build a new one. #cbsc0505 motion to approve, second, passes 4-0
  • FinComm approved 7-0 the $765k #cbsc0505 votes again to approve the whole amount
  • Motion to adjourn, second, passes 4-0  See you in a bit for Town Council meeting at 7 
Audio file to be available in a couple of days

Police Chief TJ Lynch discussing the needs for the study of the police station options
Police Chief TJ Lynch discussing the needs for the study of the police station options

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