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Franklin Senior Center: Email Blast - July 23, 2021

Hello Everyone!

Staying Connected

Link to the Senior Center -

Link to the Senior Center Calendar 

Link to Franklin Matters - and 

Link to the Town's webpage -

Link to the Franklin Observer - 

Link to Mass.Gov COVID - 


Sleeping with science - 6 tips for getting a good night's sleep 

Paul Eugene low impact 30 minute workout - He's coming at you from the beach! 


The classical period.  A brief history of classical music 

25 bizarre facts about classical music 

Romantic mandolin music - Venetian serenade 

Just for Fun

Kids try banned food 

How one man in Egypt is keeping a 200 year old tradition alive 


Candid Camera 

Cats interrupting work (anyone working remotely with pets can relate to this!) 

Kindness Matters

A valuable lesson for a happier life (What an incredible message and reminder!) 

Color your world with kindness 

Upcoming Events


9:00 Hairdresser / Barber by appt. 

9:30 Italian Conversation 

9:30 Mexican Train Dominoes 

1:00 Chair Volleyball 

1:00 American MahJong 

1:15 Movie: "Hamilton"

 6:00 Cribbage 


 9:00 Cribbage 

9:30 Busy Bees Crafter 

9:30 Low Impact w/Shirley $3 

9:30 Hand & Foot Cards 

10:00 Virtual Chair w Judith 

11:00 Cardio, Strength $3 

1:00 Bingo 

1:00 Cribbage Instruction 

1:00 Quilting 

1:00 Mindful Movements $3 

5:00 Quarantini Time Zoom 


8:30 Blood Pressure & Sugar 

9:45 Chair Yoga $3 

10:00 Knitting 

10:00 Scrabble 

10:00 Asian MahJong 

11:00 Zumba $3 

1:00 Chair Volleyball 

1:00 Line Dancing $2 

1:00 Senior Scribblers 

1:00 Bridge 

1:00 Hairdresser by appt. 

4:00 Alzheimer's Caregivers Support Group 


8:30 Blood Pressure & Sugar 

9:00 Cribbage 

9:30 Busy Bees Crafters 

9:30 Bocce Ball 

9:30 Low Impact w Shirley $3 

10:00 Virtual Chair w Judith 

10:00 Discussion Group 

11:00 Cardio, Strength $3 

11:00 Balance Class w Trish 

12:30 Painting Space 

1:00 Bingo 

1:15 Tai Chi $3 



9:30 Hand & Foot Cards 

10:00 Woodcarving 

11:00 Sunshine Zoom Group 

12:00 T.O.P.S. 

1:00 Pokeno

Attached you will find Donna's fun filled activity pages

Time is short so remember to make the most of every day.  Tell your friends what you enjoy about them, let your family know you love them and spread some kindness!


Ariel Doggett

Virtual Program Coordinator
Respite Coordinator
Supportive Day Coordinator

"We rise by lifting others" - Robert Ingersoll
There is no act of kindness too small

Franklin Senior Center: Email Blast

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