Friday, July 23, 2021

Franklin to get a piece of the MassTrails Grant Program announced

Charlie Baker (@MassGovernor) tweeted on Thu, Jul 22, 2021:
Glad to join state + local officials today in Sandwich to award nearly $4M in MassTrails Grant Program funding to 52 trail projects to support construction, maintenance + improvement of public trails across the Commonwealth.

Full press release ->  🏞️
Press conference video -> 📺  or
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The 52 project awards can be viewed in this PDF ->

On the first page we find:
Community: Foxboro, Wrentham, & Franklin
Organization: Department of Conservation and Recreation
Project Title: F. Gilbert Hills/Wrentham/Franklin OHV Trail Repair and Improvements
Brief Project Description:
"This project builds off previous trail repair work aimed to protect wetland and soil resources, repair poor trail conditions, and enhance user experience for all visitors. Years of repeated motorized use with a lack of substantial trail repair have resulted in a trail which is up to fifteen feet wide in various locations. Fall line trails with poor drainage potential have left some areas eroded to almost two feet below the original trail surface. Conditions addressed as part of the project include braided hill climbs, mud pits with standing water, and needed trail relocation"

MassTrails Grant Program
MassTrails Grant Program

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