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Franklin Annual Report - 2020: Cultural District Committee

The Cultural District Committee is an appointed volunteer board formed to provide oversight and management of the Town’s Franklin Cultural District. The Cultural District Committee (CDC) is comprised of up to seven members, all of whom are Franklin residents.

CDC’s mission is to enrich and inspire our residents and visitors by fostering local cultural, artistic, culinary and historical development aligned with local partners in a defined walkable area that is easily accessible and serves as the center of cultural economic activity. The CDC has been working to collaborate with Franklin’s cultural district partners, focusing on supporting and participating in their efforts.

The Goals of the CDC’s work include: Actively promoting the arts by attracting local artists and supporting cultural activities within the Town; Encouraging business and job development; Helping to preserve and promote the Town’s historical sites and events; Building community spirit within Franklin and encourage civic involvement; and Helping to create an appealing, attractive, and vibrant destination for tourists.

Formal status as a “Massachusetts Cultural District” was awarded on January 18, 2019, by vote of the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) Board of Directors. Each year the Town is required to file a report to MCC regarding the status of the Cultural District, outline goals for the coming year, and provide a summary of how the Town utilized any MCC funding.

During FY20 MCC awarded Franklin Cultural District a $5,000 grant; the majority of funds went towards providing the Cultural District’s Partners with small grants for collaborative arts and culture events and activities.

Since the CDC was created in FY18 the CDC has enjoyed participating in a variety of annual events within the Cultural District and region. In October 2019 CDC members participated in Franklin Downtown Partnership’s Harvest Festival. On June 3, 2020 two members of the CDC participated in the MetroFest: At Home Edition! to highlight the Franklin Cultural District and its arts and culture resources.

In the spring of 2020 the CDC organized a Cultural District Photography Scavenger Hunt Contest. This was seen as a great opportunity for participants’ to learn more about the Franklin Cultural District while using their artistic talents and skills. Residents were invited to exercise creativity while maintaining a safe physical distance from others due to COVID-19. Four winners received gift cards to their chosen Franklin Cultural District Partner.

Social Media The CDC continues to work hard to market the Cultural District in a variety of ways, including the Franklin Cultural District’s new website (, use of Constant Contact, and creation of a monthly newsletter.  In order to promote awareness of cultural activities and events throughout the Franklin community the CDC has worked to create a vibrant social media presence: 
Twitter @franklin culture
Instagram @franklinculture

The CDC holds regular monthly meetings, and subcommittees comprised of Committee members and partners meet as needed. In addition, CDC hosts quarterly Cultural District Partners meetings. These meetings rotate among weeknights and locations in town in an effort to provide flexibility in attendance, as work schedules vary throughout the town. The meetings are publicized through social media, as well as print media. All meetings are open to the public. During the last three months of FY20 the CDC held its meetings remotely via the Zoom platform. The CDC and its Partners will continue to improve the Cultural District area, build upon our current strengths of performing arts and art education, strive to create opportunities for all arts and culture related organizations and individuals, and continue to support and promote the arts throughout the Franklin Community.

Franklin’s Cultural District Committee consists of the following residents:
  • Nancy Schoen, Chair
  • John LoPresti, Vice Chair
  • Pandora Carlucci, Clerk
  • James Barrett 
  • Roberta Trahan 
  • Evan Chelman

Respectfully submitted, 
Nancy Schoen, CDC Chair

The full Annual Report for 2020 can be found online

Prior Annual Reports can be found online

Franklin Annual Report - 2020: Cultural District Committee
Franklin Annual Report - 2020: Cultural District Committee 

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