Friday, August 6, 2021

Franklin Annual Report - 2020: Design Review Commission

The purpose of the Design Review Commission (DRC) is to promote safe, functional, and attractive development of business and commercial areas to unify commercial properties, both visually and physically, with surrounding land uses and to protect and preserve the unique and cultural features within the Town. The Commission uses the Town codes and bylaws to ensure new developments and sign installations enhance the New England character of the Town’s commercial centers and thoroughfares. The DRC has approval authority on signage and recommendation input to the Planning Board on Site Plans as to landscaping and lighting and Building Plans as to exterior design, colors, and materials.

The DRC is comprised of 5 regular members and 2 associate members. Currently there are vacancies on the Commission: one full time regular member and two associate members. All members are resident volunteers who are appointed by the Town Council. Current Commission members are Mark Fitzgerald, Chair, Chris Baryluk, Vice Chair, Samuel Williams, and James Bartro.

During FY20 the DRC reviewed and addressed several Site Plans as to landscaping and lighting and exterior Building Plans as to elevations, design, colors, and materials. Reviews included projects such as the apartments at Dean Avenue Downtown. In addition, sign applications were received, hearings held, and decisions issued for over 50 signs during the past fiscal year.

Due to concerns regarding the Covid-19 virus, Design Review Commission Meetings are held remotely via Zoom. Anyone wishing to attend a meeting may do so by clicking on the Zoom link or by calling the phone number provided.

Meetings are held at 7:00 pm on two Tuesdays a month. Meeting times, dates, and agendas are posted on the Town’s website:

Respectfully submitted, 
Mark Fitzgerald, Chair 

The full Annual Report for 2020 can be found online

Prior Annual Reports can be found online

Franklin Annual Report - 2020: Design Review Commission
Franklin Annual Report - 2020: Design Review Commission

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