Sunday, August 1, 2021

Franklin TV: Goodbye, July

July, we hardly knew ye.  Now August is upon us.
by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 08/01/2021 

Print the page, hold fairly close and stare far beyond it to see it in 3D
Print the page, hold fairly close and stare far beyond it to see it in 3D

This idyllic stereogram is how most of us envision July. 72 and sunny with a hint of sultry haze. Here, a family enjoys ice cream at Kimball Farm in Lancaster, MA.

This is the Summer we long for in the depths of February. This year? Not so much. More than the usual wet gray days, July might be in the same lingering covid funk that many are experiencing. Perhaps August will be more considerate. Whatever good weather August may bring, make the most of it, appreciating the good days and moments as they may come – as Summer slips by – again – all too soon.

It would be nice if Autumn could get it together before Winter shows up. It would be better still if we could all get it together by having everyone be vaccinated. In these impatient, aimlessly angry times it would also be especially nice if all of us could strive to be ‘72 and Sunny’ in our comportment toward others. That striving ought to be part of our new normal – and well worth the effort. So, even if you are still wearing a mask in tight quarters (thanks), smile.  It shows.

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