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Franklin TV: Refinements – They Keep on Keepin’ on

Ken Norman (@wknorman) tweeted on Sat, Sep 11, 2021:
Peter Fasciano, Franklin TV and radio's executive director is a true electronic genius. Actual he is a man of many talents. He makes it all work. 
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Franklin TV:  Refinements – They Keep on Keepin’ on
Franklin TV:  Refinements – They Keep on Keepin’ on

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director   09/12/2021

This one was a request.  “Can we project presentations from two different desks?”

The research begins as details fall into place. It has to be automatic. No extra steps. It should just happen.  There is a search for the optimal techy parts (if they exist), and some back-o-the-envelope scribbling. There is more scribbling – to seek a reduction to essence. Overdesigning something is as bad as coming up short. Along the way, other opportunities for enhancement emerge. Tech manufacturers call this expanding utility ‘feature creep’, but it’s a necessary part of getting it right. When it’s finally done and done, something elegant emerges. It’s inscrutable to others, but when techno-geeks like me see a final scribble such as this – we see art.

What does this scribble do? It automates the video projector assignments in Town Chambers. It also makes sure that video signals from various computers go to the proper switching destinations so folks at home are seeing Zoom or PowerPoint or the various cameras as necessary. It all just happens. As it should be.

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