Friday, September 17, 2021

Recap: Introduction, retirement, promotion, and two presentations highlight the Town Council meeting

Quick Recap:
  • Less than polite discourse around comments regarding the Senator Warren visit to the Town Common continue among multiple parties. Edgy tone continues in a long set of 'facts' ultimately leaving one citizen confused about the zoning bylaw proposal reviewed in the public hearing at last meeting and then put aside. 
  • Brief introduction of new Veterans Service agent - Shannon Nisbett and Debra Martin now a Town employee (previously funded by Norfolk County).
  • One retirement and one promotion recognized with state and local proclamations including swearing in for promotion
  • New all alcohol license approved for the Franklin Shed, a new restaurant slated to open in early to mid-2022 next to the Big Y
  • Presentation from Jen Knight-Levine touting the services and development of SAFE Coalition also closed with the staggering fact on the potency of THC in the vap cartridges today vs. the marijuana of several years ago
  • Jen Delmore, Conservation Agent, provided an update on the progress to mitigating the invasive plant growth on the DelCarte ponds. Much accomplished, more to be done before fishing can be restored
  • Formal passage of the trash/recycling fee with the second vote to approve. An increase of $8/year for the normal containers, no change for the smaller containers. This still leaves the town residents paying less than the $300/year we paid before the single stream system was implemented.
As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting although this time, reporting live from the Council Chambers.
Photos captured during the meeting and shared via Twitter can be found in one album ->

The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #tc0915  
Agenda doc (including connection info) -> 
  • getting ready for the Town Council meeting at 7 PM - agenda can be found ->  #TC0915
  • All 8 councilors present this evening (1 spot open due to resignation, to be filled with the Nov 2, 2021 election) #tc0915
  • Chair Mercer opens meeting; multiple access to meeting reminder - in person, Zoom access, live stream via Town page, or cable via Verizon/Comcast #tc0915
  • brief intro of Shannon Nisbett, new Veterans Service Officer (replacing Dale Kurtz who retired); Debra Martin, assistant to the VSO now a ToF employee for veterans service #tc0915
  • Nancy Danello, acting Town Clerk, with an update on the local election  - Sep 30 last day to withdraw; Oct 13 last day to register to vote; Oct 14 candidates night; Oct 20 machine testing; early voting during business hours once ballots arrive #tc0915
  • Sat Oct 23, and Sun Oct 24; from 10 AM to 1:00 PM for early voting in the Town Clerk's office #tc0915
  • J Callaway-Tripp making comment against Pellegri's comments from the Sep 1 meeting; slander, violation of resolution 20-14. #tc0915
  • C Cass commending Pellegri for her comments; #tc0915 some of the heckling occurred during a requested moment of silence; showed lack of decency by those participating
  • J Maciel (?) re: comments on the research she did regarding the zoning discussion; what is the cost? What are the qualifications of the MAPC? Confused by the actions and notes of the discussion around downtown parking #tc0915
  • D Bardsley - sad about the blurred lines of opinions; #tc0915
  • approval of mins from Aug 28 meeting; second, passes 8-0  #tc0915
  • PROCLAMATIONS/RECOGNITIONS a.Police Department:  i.Sergeant Lee Drake - Retirement  #tc0915 ( photos to be added )
  • Sergeant Drake with Chief Lynch and State Rep Roy #tc0915
  • Not to be out done, the Town Council also has a proclamation of recognition #tc0915 Chair Mercer presenting
  • Sergeant Louis Marguerite - Promotion Chief Lynch provides intro, N Danello  swears Sgt in to office; pinned by family members (photos to be added) #tc0915
  • Promotion photos as referenced #tc0915
  • 5.APPOINTMENTS a. Janice Prentice - Associate member, Historical Commission  motion to approve, second, passes 8-0  #tc0915
  • b. Chuna Keophannga - Finance Committee to approve, second, passes 8-0  
  • c. Tyrel Hansen - Finance Committee  motion to approve, second, passes 8-0
  • next up ->  a.  Franklin Shed, LLC d/b/a Franklin Shed, New Section 12 Restaurant, All Alcoholic Beverages, and approval of manager, located at 340 East Central Street, Franklin, MA. motion to approve, second, passes 8-0 via roll call
  • two roll call votes, one to approve license, second to approve the pledge of license as collateral for loan from bank - both pass 8-0 #tc0915
  • next up - SAFE Coalition, Jennifer Knight-Levine, Executive Director #tc0915
  • Slides being talked to about SAFE #tc0915
  • AWESOME, Jen Knight-Levine and SAFE are an incredible resource for this community and the surrounding coverage area #tc0915
  • host community agreements are a complex mix but we do allocate funds for SAFE and will do more so as they become available. #tc0915
  • Dellorco with great heartwarming story, Mercer in a short time (5 years) the development and the breadth of services is awesome #tc0915
  • Next up Jen Delmore, Conservation Agent with an update on the weeds at DelCarte #tc0915 presentation copy
  • part way there with milfoil getting resolved;; chestnut still to be monitored and treated #tc0915 long term plan to clear the plants first, then get the invasive fish species, and settle it, before stocking with game and native fish
  • subcommittee reports: EDC met this evening, next meeting Oct 20, discussion on town branding and wayfinding #tc0915
  • a. Resolution 21-53: Gift Acceptance, Franklin Public Library $5,890, Veterans’ Service Department $300, Fire Department $200 (Motion to Approve Resolution 21-53 - Majority Vote) motion to approve, second, passes 8-0  #tc0915
  • b. Bylaw Amendment 21-875: Chapter 82, Trash and Recycling Fee Increase - 2nd Reading (Motion to adopt Bylaw Amendment 21-875 - Majority Roll Call Vote)  motion to approve, second, passes (via roll call) 8-0
  • no Town Administrator report tonight, future agenda items - Oct 6, School District to provide an update to Council on their Davis Thayer plans and timeline #tc0915 there will be an open house but no date available at this time
  • councilor comments; Chandler - thanks for the increased participating; Hamblen, thanks for the presenters tonight, thanks for the zucchini racers; thanks for the Cultural Festival - Harvest Festival - Oct 2 (rain date Oct 3) #tc0915
  • bike racks on Common, complete streets - Sep 22, 6:00 PM, at Farmers Mkt this Friday to gather info on improvements re: complete streets; #tc0915 incredible event, kudos to those who put this on - Kaye Kelly, Chair of Cultural Council
  • MAPC is the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, they are highly professional and experienced in doing this kind of work #tc0915  MAPC will have a booth at the Harvest Festival Oct 2 to introduce new websites for feedback;
  • pancake breakfast every 2nd Sunday at the Rod & Gun club - #tc0915 Cultural Festival, also at the Historical Museum for the speaker there, impressive, was recorded will be available for replay.
  • Thanks to the Fire/Police Chiefs to come in to recognize the retirements and new hires; SAFE doing great things for our community. #tc0915  motion to adjourn, second, passes 8-0
Audio recording of meeting to be available in couple of days


one of the slides from the SAFE Coalition presentation
one of the slides from the SAFE Coalition presentation

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