Sunday, October 17, 2021

Boston Globe: mask and schools; inappropriate behavior changes rule for KP football games

"Mass. communities are reluctant to let students remove masks in school — even when they can"
"Scores of Massachusetts communities have been so effective at getting students and school staff vaccinated that they may no longer have to abide by the state’s mask mandates for their middle and high schools right now — if they chose to.

But while more than 60 communities have met the Baker administration’s threshold of 80 percent or higher vaccination rates among teens, only two — Hopkinton and Ashland — have sought and received permission to stop requiring inoculated students and staff to wear masks in their high school.

And Hopkinton officials are having second thoughts.

The Hopkinton School Committee opted to delay any action to lift the state mask mandate in its high school even though the state gave the town permission on Oct. 7."
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"‘Inappropriate’ behavior prompts new rule for some students at King Philip Regional High football games"
"Middle and elementary school students will now have to bring a parent or guardian with them to attend varsity football games in Wrentham following unruly behavior at home matchups this season, according to a letter sent to King Philip Regional School District families last week.

The new requirement was put in place after young students were caught “exhibiting unruly, inappropriate, disrespectful, and unsportsmanlike behavior during games” at King Philip Regional High School several times over the last few weeks, Superintendent Paul Zinni said in the Tuesday letter.

Zinni said the incidents are “unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

“At King Philip, we pride ourselves on our sportsmanship and integrity for all student-athletes and the student body,” Zinni wrote. “We have all been enjoying cheering on our team this season and wish for their continued success.”
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