Thursday, October 21, 2021

Radio Margaritaville features Franklin's Pete Scaccia

Pete Scaccia (Franklin resident and longtime youth sports coach) is going to be the featured “Fruitcake on the Radio” on Radio Margaritaville this week.   His segment will air on SiriusXM channel 24 on the following dates:

10/21 @ 10:00am
10/24 @ 4:00pm
10/25 @ 8:00pm
10/22 @ 12:00am

Attached is a picture of the recent Facebook post from Radio Margaritaville.   Here is the content from the SiriusXM post for context (quoted content written by Pete):

Tune in Thursday morning at 10 AM EST to hear our new Fruitcake on the Radio/Guest DJ!!
“Hi my name is Pete Scaccia and I am your Fruitcake on the Radio. I live in Franklin, Massachusetts with my wife of 19 years and fellow concert goer Jacqui along with our two sons Nick and Ben. When not running a courier company I enjoy coaching my kid’s sports teams, driving with the top down on the jeep, fishing, scuba diving, clamming and just about anything else you can do on or around the water! I also enjoy collecting different types of maps and am a Civil War buff. Some of my favorite memories with my family have been around the water. Whether it was growing up spending summers on Cape Cod, living in Annapolis, MD, taking a Caribbean cruise or driving onto the beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Jimmy’s music can always be heard playing in the background.”
Radio Margaritaville features Franklin's Pete Scaccia
Radio Margaritaville features Franklin's Pete Scaccia


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