Saturday, October 23, 2021

Recap: Town Council approves creation of 9th precinct, hears about ARPA funding, and closes out the current term with thanks

Quick Recap:
  • Swearing in of Firefighter/Paramedic David Ogilvie
  • American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding schedule and plans for initial funds outlined, presentation link with details included
  • Some of the Census 2020 population data has been received which leads to a reprecincting process which was explained in detail, bottom line, we go from 8 to 9 precincts, little other impact to Town operations; House representation likely to remain with all of Franklin covered by 10th Legislative district; on the State Senate side where we were split between Senator Spilka and Senator Rausch, Senator Rausch would have all of Franklin. The MA House and Senate districting is still in decision/approval process at the State House. The Franklin precinct plan now goes to the State for review and acceptance
  • Three separate measures were approved to increase the minimum wage for the senior workoff program and to increase benefits for veterans as well as disabled veterans
  • As this was the last meeting of this Council term, there was a round of remarks and thanks for the past term during Council Comments. The Councilors were cautioned by Town Attorney Mark Cerel about the nature of their comments, attempting to limit them to simply encourage a general get out the vote.
  • Also raised during this segment was the issue being made by some residents around the problem with the 2020 September primary. Best quote came from Attny Cerel to summarize the matter "The issues arose under the term of the prior town clerk who resigned"


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting live from the Council Chambers

The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #tc1020

Agenda document -

Agenda folder -> 

Citizens Comment
  • I stepped up to give brief on the Candidate Forum scheduled for Tu 10/21/21 at 6:30 - live streamed via Franklin TV, Comcast and Verizon -
  • Nancy Danello - acting Town Clerk reminds of early voting option this weekend, Sat and Sunday 10/23 - 10/24 from 10 AM to 1:00 PM. #tc1020 (subsequent;y changed to begin at 9 AM both days)
  • J Maciel quoting and playing lyrics from country song by Lee Greenwood lots of folks have heard #tc1020
  • Appointment - David Ogilvie: Fire Department, New Hire introduced by Chief McLaughlin #tc1020
ARPA Funding update
  • next 2 presentations, not yet posted to ToF webpage ->…  #tc1020
  • was previewed by FinCom last week #tc1020 only town in MA with UV lighting to clean the virus in our air filtration systems FEMA est almost $600K expected but some time in the future.
  • big thank you for congressional and state representatives for the State and Federal funds, without them, we'd have been hurting budget wise...  #tc1020
  • Norfolk County will doll out the 'county funds' time line and details TBD, they will also take a % to 'process' the funding. #tc1020
  • ARPA funds being treated as grants, to be applied for in order to verify the need and justification for the requests. #tc1020 Town well positioned to do clinics now with nurse on staff, and paramedics certified to give the doses.
  • Overview slide of projects to utilize the ARPA funds #tc1020 succeeding slides go into more detail (as also shown in FinCom meeting last week)
  • the wireless tower will save money (we'd have had to spend anyway) and enable better comms for the Police and Fire folks, they can use backchannel to communicate with each other but in so doing, the MECC is cut out #tc1020
  • possible cost sharing with Medway on additional clinician, full amount in our accounting to ensure we get the funding and the service, we can figure out the other details later. #tc1020
Census 2020 data and reprecincting
  • next up, Town Clerk and GIS Coordinator update on 2020 census data - re-precinct status #tc1020 also to be posted to this page
  • difference between the decennial census and the data collected by the American Community Survey (ACS) - the ACS provides on-going data rather than waiting 10 years. #tc1020
  • This slide has the numbers likely to drive the 40b percents #tc1020 the number of housing units increased in the last 10 years
  • Difference between redistricting and reprecincting shown in these slides #tc1020
  • House representation seems not to change, State district may solidify into one representative vs. split between 2. We go from 8 to 9 precincts but other than that, a minor change overall. #tc1020
  • doesn't change anything for this Nov election, would only be effective for Jan 2022 and beyond. The process of voting, precinct finding details can be easily done at the polling place #tc1020
  • a mailing to those in precinct 9 will be planned for future; as we are 'at large' there is no effect on the precinct alignment. For those raising Q on potential change to precinct election for Council that would need to be done by charter change and (for me) we aren't ready …
  • are ready to operate that way. It is hard enough to gain 'community' with the at large approach, going by precinct would only further divide us. to what end? I see that we are not ready for that yet (my 2 cents) #tc1020 maybe later down the road
  • moving on to subcommittee reports; EDC met tonight, info on wayfinding signs and branding #tc1020
Legislation for Action
Town Administrators Report
  • Town Administrators report: Garelick all penalties and interest all fully collected for water service, now from Dairy Farmers America - Maple open space has finally closed on docs - #tc1020
  • Council comments - Frongillo speaking on Danello situation - Jamie reprises what happened then, coordination with Sec of Commonwealth for the acting appointment - "The issues arose under the term of the prior town clerk who resigned"
  • councilor comments encouraging voting on Nov 2; cautioned by Attny Cerel to be cautious on comments regarding the election #tc1020
  • Chair, thanks fellow councilors, it has been trying but we have accomplished a lot. #tc1020 thanks to the Town administration etc.  motion to adjourn, passes 8-0  that's all folks!

Audio recording of meeting to be available in couple of days


2020 census data - re-precinct status
2020 census data - re-precinct status

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