Sunday, March 20, 2022

DOER stretch building codes get comments from Attorney General Healey

The comment period on the proposed stretch goals for building codes closed on Friday, Mar 18, 2022. There had been news articles reporting that Attorney General Maura Healey's office had turned down some local legislation for Brookline because the State rules did not allow them to go that far. Her office issued comments on Friday that confirmed DOER had the right to continue with the stretch goals to allow a community to go all electric.

Reporter David Abel's article in Feb on the stretch goals

Reporter David Abel's tweet on the comments by Healey's office:
"Attorney General Maura Healey told state officials today they have the authority to create an energy code that allows municipalities to ban the use of oil and gas in future construction projects"
AG's office comments on stretch building code goals
AG's office comments on stretch building code goals

Article on the rejection of Brookline's local control 

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