Sunday, March 20, 2022

Franklin.TV: Our Normal Returneth?

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 03/20/2022

After two years of COVID we are working on reopening our studio. I say ‘working on’ for a number of reasons. Topmost? Things are not simply what they were in 2019. We are entering a new time. This new time demands new thinking.

We are facing more technical changes, and with those, more operational changes. We also have to carefully consider how our staff (God bless ‘em.) can best balance a more flexible work schedule that now includes WFH. With our studio shuttered, they responded in time of COVID-crisis to get out there and cover as many live civic, school and sports events as possible. That meant working many more random nights and weekends. They made it happen without missing a beat.

We geared up, building small, portable TV control systems as ‘Flypaks’ that enable us to originate live from wherever with minimal setup effort. Our systems were also designed to be Zoom-friendly. We installed new systems in Town Chambers for effortless Zoom integration there as well.

Our radio operation became totally remote, with up to a dozen volunteers working, conducting guest interviews and producing programs from home via Zoom.

Now we’re headed back the other way, technically. We’re opening up studios that have been shuttered for the most part. But, they won’t be the same. They also must be Zoom-enabled. Our new normal brings new expectations. We also have to enable Zoom in the FHS auditorium, a very large venue with its own challenges.

The beginning of the pandemic forced us into technical overdrive for months in order to meet the challenges of TV and radio production in 2020.

Now, at the end of the pandemic in 2022 (hopefully) we need to rework our studios, our gear and production skills to integrate Zoom on demand – whenever, wherever. We also plan to work on integrating radio and TV programming where possible. Life in 2019 B.C. (Before COVID) feels like quaint ancient history.  Now, in 2022 A.D. (After Disaster) our lives are filled with change.

The only constant in life – is change. - Heraclitus

Do we simply succumb to it, or – do we master it? 

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Franklin.TV: Our Normal Returneth?
Franklin.TV: Our Normal Returneth?

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