Sunday, March 13, 2022

Franklin.TV: The Daylight Returneth!

 by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director  03/13/2022

It’s Springtime! Daylight Savings! The Vernal Equinox! All is goodness and light. Christmas aside, this is the most optimistic time of the year for yours truly. Who doesn’t revel in the welcoming light and warmth of the lengthening days?

Back in February all the President’s Day sales ads pitched us to ‘get in on the huge, spectacular savings’. um– Yubbut, inflation is over seven percent. What savings? Hard pass on that.

My optimism this year runs higher than normal, laced with quiet waves of relief. The horrors of COVID are receding in the rear view (hopefully).  We don’t yet know the true personal, social, medical, financial and other costs that so many suffered over these last two years. It has not been an easy time. Let it be a time past.

This weekend – I do plan to, ‘get in on the savings’. Daylight Savings! I plan to enjoy saving as much daylight as I possibly can.

Next week?  The vernal equinox, and the oh-fficial astrological start of Spring.

A new time has come – to renew ourselves and our outlook; to reaffirm our grasp on our future endeavors, our plans, hopes and dreams; to re-open, not just our buildings and businesses, but to re-open our hearts and minds to each other, for we have all come through a time where fate was fickle, life was fragile, and we all felt – forlorn. Wallowing in that helplessness, many of us became angry. Feckless misplaced anger became a social poison. Let the Spring and Summer sunlight be the antidote. Save and savor all that daylight – from dawn’s early light to twilight’s last gleaming.

In my  new  normal . . .

How would/should you end that sentence? How will you craft your new normal?

For me? In my new normal? There is sun-washed optimism – to be shared.

My new normal is filled with daylight. I have no time for hate or anger. None. I’m too busy – getting in on the savings.

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Franklin.TV: The Daylight Returneth!
Franklin.TV: The Daylight Returneth!

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