Monday, March 14, 2022

Your time is needed (NOW) to pay attention to the storm water utility fee discussion

One of the recurring themes here is citizen engagement. And yes, while I attend many of the meetings and report on them so you don't need to, this week and this budget season, is THE time for you to be more engaged, period. 


The Town budget determines what services we get from the Town. No matter whether it is a pickleball court, or a ball field with nicely cut grass, books on the shelf at the library or the cafĂ© reopening at the Senior Center. The Town of Franklin is a service organization providing for all our needs and "there ain't no such this as a free lunch" (the TANSAAFL principle). Everything costs something. 

If you paid attention last week, the School Committee got their first view of the school budget. The Finance Committee got a deep dive on the DPW and all it does. The Joint Budget Subcommittee got their first look at the overall town budget. (links to the meeting audio and transcripts are provided below.)

Surprise, the initial revenue projection doesn't meet the initial expense projections. So how do we figure that out? 

This is where YOU come in to the act. If you believe that what happens in Franklin matters to you, then follow along as the discussion takes place to resolve the budget deficit this year. 

1 - Find out how the storm water utility fee takes managing storm water expenses down a more fair approach. Everyone pays a little vs. the taxpayers bearing the full burden. 

2 - Watch, listen, or read what happens at the Town Council meeting Wednesday as the discussion/action item comes up for review.

Storm water information links

 - Storm water utility information flyer

 - EPA MS4 permit quick facts and takeaways

 - Storm water items on the Wednesday Town Council agenda

Stormwater Presentation - Department of Public Works  - 
ii. Stormwater Management Plan:
Year 2 Update, July 3, 2020 - 393-page Federal Stormwater Permit
July 2021 Update 
iii. Department of Public Works:
& Parcel Level Impervious Surface Map


Last week's meeting links (audio and transcript) 

TA Jamie Hellen, Miriam Goodman and Supt Sara Ahern presenting to the Joint Budget Subcommittee
TA Jamie Hellen, Miriam Goodman and Supt Sara Ahern presenting to the Joint Budget Subcommittee

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