Tuesday, April 26, 2022

CommonWealth Magazine: MBTA gets to buying electric buses; Codcast episode

On the climate front, the T is getting to buying electric buses, and 2 Conservation Law officials question the progress bring made by ISO-New England. Both items also covered in our "Making Sense of Climate" series. 

"THE MBTA is beginning the process of electrifying its bus fleet, launching a long-awaited procurement that could lead to the purchase of 460 battery-electric buses over the next five years.

The T’s request for proposal went out on Friday, with the transit authority seeking a battery-powered bus supplemented with a diesel-power heating system and capable of going 150 miles on a single charge."

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Challenging the status quo on electricity, heating
"Challenging the status quo on electricity, heating"

"Two top officials with the Conservation Law Foundation say the region’s power grid operator and the state’s utilities are in some ways part of the problem instead of the solution to dealing with climate change. 

Greg Cunningham, the vice president and director of CLF’s clean energy and climate change program, and Caitlin Peale Sloan, the vice president for Massachusetts, said on The Codcast that they are concerned the institutions that should be leading the fight against climate change are not doing so."
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