Friday, May 13, 2022

Franklin's Event Outlook: May 13, 2022 to May 19, 2022

Library book sale weekend is here today and Saturday morning, bag sale Saturday afternoon. The letter carriers collect for the Food Pantry with the Stamp Out Hunger drive on Saturday. The middle school students perform "Annie Jr". And then a full set of events next Thursday with Town officials office hours in the morning, Empty Bowls and Film Fest at FHS in the evening.

Friday, May 13
2022 Spring Fling Silent Auction
1:00pm - Library Book Sale
6:00pm - Footlighters perform Annie Jr

Saturday, May 14
7:00am - Franklin Letter Carriers "Stamp Out Hunger"
9:00am - MetroWest Arts & Culture Symposium
9:00am - Library Book Sale
9:30am - St Mary's Women's Faith Formation
10:00am - Historical Museum (always free)
1:00pm - Library Bag Sale
3:00pm - Last Call: Maya Angelou’s Last Interview
7:00pm - Footlighters perform Annie Jr

Sunday, May 15
2022 Spring Fling Silent Auction
1:00pm - Historical Museum (always free)

Thursday, May 19
8:30am - Town Council Office Hours
6:00pm - Empty Bowls
6:00pm - FHS Film Fest
7:00pm - 350 Mass Greater Franklin Node

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