Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Inside the MA Senate budget: a focuses on early education, mental health, local aid

Via CommonWealth Magazine 

"THE STATE budget proposal released by the Senate Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday largely hews to the same ideology as the plan adopted by House budget writers: Avoid tax cuts, while putting excess money toward investments in areas such as early education, mental health care, and housing. 

“Despite two-plus years of uncertainty because of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing and widespread financial instability, we’re happy to say that the Commonwealth remains in a strong fiscal position for now,” Senate President Karen Spilka said at a budget briefing with reporters. “We will only succeed as a Commonwealth if we all rise together, and this budget ensures that no one gets left behind.”

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Via Mass Municipal Association (MMA)
"The Senate Committee on Ways and Means today released a state budget proposal for fiscal 2023 that would double the increase in unrestricted local aid over what was proposed by the governor in January and approved by the House last month.

The $49.6 billion Senate Ways and Means proposal, which is scheduled to be taken up by the full Senate later this month, would increase Unrestricted General Government Aid by 5.4%, or $63 million, to $1.23 billion.

Senate leaders are also proposing significant increases for Chapter 70 education aid, charter school reimbursements, the Special Education Circuit Breaker account, and payments in lieu of taxes for state-owned land."
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The FY23 Senate Ways and Means Budget Recommendations are available on the Massachusetts legislature’s website:

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