Thursday, October 6, 2022

Resist misinformation: Join the RumorGuard!

Stop falsehoods in their tracks.
Join the RumorGuard

The News Literacy Project has launched a new resource to help you stay informed and push back against misinformation: RumorGuard.

RumorGuard empowers you to know what's safe to share and what should be stopped in its tracks. At, you'll see posts that debunk viral rumors, but we don't stop there: Our team lays out exactly how you can determine that a claim doesn't hold weight, based on five factors for credibility.

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Each RumorGuard post takes you through the facts behind a specific viral rumor, then breaks down the five factors that you can use to verify any claim:

1 Authenticity: Is it authentic?
2 Source: Has it been posted or confirmed by a credible source?
3 Evidence: Is there evidence that proves the claim?
4 Context: Is the context accurate?
5 Reasoning: Is it based on solid reasoning?

You can dig deeper into news literacy techniques on RumorGuard and take action for facts.

We built RumorGuard to give you the ability to debunk viral falsehoods, but it's also the foundation for our shared future founded on facts. Help us push back against misinformation by signing up and sharing RumorGuard posts with your family and friends.

For a future founded on facts,

The News Literacy Project

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