Thursday, October 6, 2022

Franklin Cultural District Partners to meet with Massachusetts Cultural Council - Oct 20

Greetings Franklin Cultural District Partners!

The Cultural District Committee (CDC) invites you to join us on October 20, 2022 at 3:00 PM at THE BLACK BOX (TBB), our Regional Theater, to meet Carolyn Cole and Guelmi Espinal, Program Directors from Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC). They will be in Town for a quick tour of the Franklin Cultural District (FCD) and to meet with the Cultural District’s Partners.

Please take time for this meet and greet, followed by some light refreshments and an FCD Partners meeting. This will be one of our Quarterly meetings for the year. We welcome you to come and share with the CDC ways that we can promote and share the arts with you. 

We have established goals for the FCD and hope you might have some thoughts on how these can assist you. 

As examples:

  • Coordinate resources to assist FCD Partners, local businesses and local artists and arts and cultural organizations to recover from negative impacts of COVID.

  • Work to increase economic activity and attract new businesses, including artists and cultural enterprises, to the Franklin Cultural Council.

  • Continue to strengthen the Franklin Cultural District Partnership, broaden ethnic diversity of the arts and culture in Franklin.

  • Continue to broaden our Social Media presence to help the FCD become more accessible and engaging on a level that will help us connect with and expand our audience as well as the diversity of our audience.

We hope you will be able to join us at THE BLACK BOX at 3:00 PM on Thursday October 20,  2022  to meet MCC Program Directors Carolyn Cole and Guelmi Espinal, and to discuss our common goals.

With appreciation, 

Roberta Trahan & Dr. Pandora Carlucci, Co-Chairs, FCDC

John LoPresti, Vice Chair, FCDC

Katherine Botelho, Clerk, FCDC

Amy Adams, Artist, Member FCDC 

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