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Franklin Public Schools: District Newsletter - November 2022

Franklin Public Schools

District Newsletter

November 2022

22-23 School Calendar

Nov. 23 -25 Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 7 - Early Release Day

Access the 22-23 School Calendar 

We're Back in Action!

We are excited to welcome families from across the district and the greater Franklin Community to attend our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Deep Dives event!

Join us as we dive deeper into the Climate and Culture findings from our 21-22 Equity Audit and look towards the development of our Equity Action Plan throughout the 2022-2023 year. During this session, community members will be able to engage with District Adminstration to discuss questions, concerns, experiences, and solutions. The event will be held at the Franklin Public Library meeting room (School Street entrance) on Saturday, 11/19 from 10am - 11:30am.

You can review our D.E.I. Presentation to the School Committee here.

Art of Rangolis During Diwali

Oak Street teachers Ms. Kinney teamed up with Mrs. Parikh to help share the history of Diwali with their classrooms. Students were able to learn more about how many other people from around the world as well as their peers, celebrate this holiday. Students even designed their very own Rangolis, which is an Indian art form typically displayed at entryways to welcome prosperity and blessings. This was a wonderful way for students to learn more about their friends.

Clock is Ticking to See Cinderella

Franklin High School Theatre Company delivered a fantastic performance of Cinderella (Broadway Version) on Friday, November 11th. Audiences have two additional opportunity to experience this magical performance with shows...

Saturday, November 18th at 7pm

Sunday, November 19th at 7pm

Be sure to grab your ticket before this horse drawn carriage bids farewell!

Kindergarten Technology Win!

Our Digital Learning Integrationists work to educate our FPS community on how to effectively utilize the variety of digital tools. Recently, our DLI's streamlined a way to assist our educators and kindergarteners during instances of digital enrichment. Logging into a Chromebook can be difficult for our kindergarten kiddos who are still learning their lowercase letters and digital skills. When it's time to sign into these Chromebooks using their logins, it can be a challenge to get a classroom to login quickly. DLI's and IT techs developed a system which allows kindergarteners to login using their own unique QR code while these young learners begin to develop the important skill of being able to enter user and password information independently. Now login is a breeze for these students and they get right to the planned digital activity. What was once a task that took 20-30 minutes to master, is now accomplished in under 3 minutes! The confidence in the faces of these young learners and their teachers show how much of a game changer this system is!

Wednesday, November 16th was National Education Support Professionals Day! Our ESP's give their all to keep our schools running efficiently. We couldn't do it without our team of passionate and dedicated ESP's. Thank you for all that you do!

Inclement Weather Procedure

The FPS Inclement Weather Procedure outlines the decision making process for school cancellation or delays in response to weather related incidents. Families are encouraged to review the procedure as we enter the start of the winter season.

View the procedure here.

From the School Committee

Redistricting Analysis

As part of the Redistricting Analysis that is being done in collaboration with the Franklin School Committee, we established a Redistricting Advisory Group of 60 individuals composed of FPS parents/ guardians, educators, administrators. This group will meet with our redistricting consultant App Geo, through May 2023 to provide input, feedback, and local context on proposed scenarios to potential updates to attendance boundaries within Franklin. The initial meeting was held on Tuesday, November 15th.

The results and recommendations will be presented at the conclusion to the School Committee in the Spring of 2023. Any recommendations that may be approved by the School Committee will not go into effect during the 2022-2023 school year. The School Committee will continue to engage the public prior to reaching a final decision on any boundary adjustments.

We encourage folks to review the materials from the November 15th meeting here. You can learn more about the Redistricting Advisory Committee here.

Please join us for our next School Committee meeting on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022 at 7pm.

Were thankful for the support of our FPS Families, Faculty Staff and Franklin Community!

Franklin Public Schools

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