Thursday, November 17, 2022

Town Council recognizes Carloni, appoints Wallace, approves license for La Cantina, hears from the Recreation Dept, and more at their Wednesday meeting (video)

The Town Council held their session Wednesday in Council Chambers beginning at 7 PM. One member (Frongillo was remote) so all votes were via roll call. One member absent (Dellorco).

  • The meeting opened with recognition of Becki Carloni of the Franklin Fire Department for her off duty life saving effort at a sporting event.
  • The appointment of Alison Wallace to the Library Board of Directors was approved.
  • The Special License to allow sale of wine at 2022-2023 Franklin Winter Farmers’ Market by La Cantina Winery Company was approved. The first market is this Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM.
  • Ryan Jette, Director of Recreation provided an update on the operation of the Recreation Department including near term plans and future plans.
  • There was also a discussion on the approach to determine the reuse of Davis Thayer. Consensus was to set up a Reuse Committee of town folks interested in this building and location to make a proposal to the Council for approval. Details on the volunteer application process will be forthcoming and the process will kick off sometime in 2023.
  • Legislation to approve of an increase to the minimum wage for both the senior citizen and veterans tax work off programs was approved.
  • Legislation to adjust the budget with some transfers and final numbers of state aid, etc. was approved. This had been previewed by the Finance Committee in their meeting last week and unanimously recommended. This adjustment step was needed before the tax rate is set. The hearing for the tax rate is scheduled for the Nov 30 Town Council meeting.
  • The Franklin Open Space and Recreation Plan Kickoff Process has begun. The Conservation Commission will lead this effort to update the plan.
The agenda and documents released for this session can be found

The Franklin TV video replay of the meeting is available on YouTube

My notes captured via Twitter during the meeting can be found in one PDF document ->

firefighter/paramedic Becki Carloni Listens to Councilor Pellegri read the proclamation
firefighter/paramedic Becki Carloni Listens to Councilor Pellegri read the proclamation

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