Wednesday, November 2, 2022

SAFE Coalition starts their Annual Giving Campaign - SAFEgiving

SAFEgiving started November 1st - Day 1 of their annual giving campaign!

Annually, SAFE serves over 3,000 community members! We connect with folks through support programs, direct clinical care, teen and adolescent wellness classes, Narcan and CPR training, treatment referrals, community events, and MORE.

In 2022, we at SAFE saw a 230% increase in support calls alone!

SAFE is the ONLY non-profit organization locally that provides completely free care to ANYONE impacted by mental health, substance use, domestic violence, and sexual assault. What does that really look like?
  • Free clinical therapy
  • SAFE Coalition starts their Annual Giving Campaign - SAFEgiving
    Annual Giving Campaign - SAFEgiving
    Free counseling
  • Free support groups
  • Free Narcan & test strips
  • Free Legal Advocacy
  • Free Section 35 support
  • Free diapers, wipes, food
  • Free transportation to services
  • Free benefits planning
  • Free consults for higher level care
  • Free suspension alternative prgm
  • Free bi-lingual support
  • Free at-home medication disposal

Your gift today, can continue these amazing programs tomorrow!

With your help, SAFE can continue its mission of listening to the needs of the community and developing programing together that is free, accessible, and honest.

Your tax deductible gift today will impact the opportunity for support that your family, friends, and neighbors have tomorrow.

We recognize that the topics of substance use, mental health, domestic violence, and sexual assault are sensitive and that is why we at SAFE take pride in making sure that all those involved in programming stay anonymous.

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