Sunday, October 30, 2022

Franklin.TV: There’s More More Perfect Union!

We, the People are Adding – People.

Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 10/30/2022

In January of 2021 Frank Falvey gathered a group of informed citizens to launch a new radio program. Each week our Radio Roundtable of Regulars discusses the legal, educational and political issues of our time, and how we as a nation might move forward to advance a More Perfect Union.

At the outset, our group was comprised of Frank, Higher Education Dr. Michael Walker-Jones, Harvard’s Dr. Natalia Linos, Executive Director for Health and Human Rights, Franklin’s Representative Jeff Roy, and yes, even Yorz Trooly.

We gather via Zoom on Thursday mornings to record our More Perfect musings that you hear the following Monday.

Franklin.TV: There’s More More Perfect Union!
Franklin.TV: There’s More More Perfect Union!
More recently, we’ve grown our group, deepened our bench. We welcome Nick Remissong and Chris Woolf from WGBH/BBC’s The World. Others who join us now and then: Alan Earls, Franklin’s Republican Committee Chair, and Rachel Plukas, Franklin’s Democratic Committee Chair.

As they say in all those wonder widget ads, But wait. There’s more!

It’s a daring experiment. We’re opening our Zoom doors. This Thursday morning you can stand on your soap box in our virtual town square and opine with us.

Topic? Opinion? The floor is yours. Interested?

Join us via Zoom on Thursday morning at 9:30. Zoom Link: 872 7243 7375

Hope to see you then.

And – as always –
Thank you for listening to wfpr●fm. 
And, thank you for watching.

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