Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Voices of Franklin: Ted McIntyre - Strong Support for Senator Rausch

I strongly support the re-election of State Senator Becca Rausch. I condemn the unethical and intentionally deceptive messages being released by her opponent.

Senator Rausch should be re-elected because she is the only candidate in this race who has forged the widespread collaborative network needed to continue delivering for our values and our community. She has both the successful track record and the broad support to prove it. Senator Rausch is endorsed by more than half the State Senate, the very people who are now, and will be, her direct colleagues. The list includes the Senate President, the Senate President Pro Tempore, the Senate Majority Leader, and every other member of Senate Leadership.

On top of that, the vast majority of local elected officials in our district have endorsed Senator Rausch. These are the people whose recommendations should weigh heavily in Rausch's favor -- they know and appreciate her skills in serving the district. You can see the impressive list at Senator Rausch has been endorsed by the overwhelming majority of State Representatives in our district, including State Representative Jeff Roy, whom Rausch’s opponent inappropriately name-dropped in a recent mailing. That mailing was an explicit attempt to mislead voters. Indeed, the letter falsely claimed support from Democrats and was signed by someone who is, in fact, a registered Republican in Bellingham. This kind of disinformation campaign runs afoul of common decency and basic respect for us, the voters.

Rausch's opponent has also tried to dodge his staunchly right wing record as he seeks higher office and promotes his own personal gain. His record speaks for itself, and that record has earned him the badge of being among the farthest right-wing extremist politicians in the entire Commonwealth, per the American Conservative Union. He has repeatedly voted against abortion access, birth control access, climate action goals, workers, voting rights, and protecting LGBTQ+ youth from the serious harms of abusive conversion therapy. Every one of those votes is documented.

You are smarter than Shawn Dooley thinks you are. Get the facts. Resist the lies. Join me in voting for Senator Becca Rausch on or before Tuesday, November 8.

Ted McIntyre, Ph.D.
Franklin MA

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Voices of Franklin: Ted McIntyre - Strong Support for Senator Rausch
Voices of Franklin: Ted McIntyre - Strong Support for Senator Rausch

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