Saturday, November 5, 2022

Voices of Franklin: Karen Landers is Yes for Question 1

There are many opinions about whether to vote “Yes” or “No” on Question 1.  For those who have voted or will vote “No”, I wonder if you will regret your decision when some of the  services that we all pay for with our current tax dollars are eliminated for lack of funds.  

Our schools, roads, public transportation, bridges, etc. are not in great shape right now.  Imagine, when all of the extra funds that have been provided due to COVID is spent.  And there are also the funds from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Inflation Reduction Act.  All of that money will be gone one day.  Our quality of life may suffer.  I can see lots of tax override questions being argued in our towns.

Also, consider what will happen to our property values if schools fail, potholes increase, bridges collapse, there is more crime, public transportation comes to a halt.   Oh, boy!  I can see future increases in our real estate taxes, state income taxes, excise taxes, gas taxes, sales taxes, etc.  Those increases will hit everyone, not just the wealthy folks with high earnings.

Please think it through for yourselves.  Public services cost money.  This state’s transportation Infrastructure needs maintenance, repairs, and replacement.  Schools need to prepare our children for the future.  Workers need to be paid a fair wage.  Folks who earn lots of money can afford to part with a little more for the benefit of all.  Let’s allow them to do this.  

If you have not voted, yet, please vote “Yes” on Q1.  If you have already voted “Yes”, thank you!

Karen Landers 
Franklin MA

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Voices of Franklin: Karen Landers is Yes for Question 1
Voices of Franklin: Karen Landers is Yes for Question 1

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