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Franklin.TV: Franklin Food Elves - Raising Money for the Food Pantry

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 12/11/2022

The Franklin Food Elves is the Franklin Food Pantry’s largest fundraiser of the year and it wraps up our holiday giving season. Every December high school and middle school students earn community service hours and raise money for The Pantry. Each student works in their elementary school district and is assigned streets by District where they drop off our signature purple envelopes and a flyer explaining the program. 
Franklin Food Pantry
Franklin Food Pantry

People can make donations via an online page or leave a check in the envelope that the student returns to pick up on a specific date. The Pantry provides all the materials each Elf needs. It’s a great program that makes a large impact on The Pantry. Elves can earn community service hours (12 hours for in-person canvassing of neighborhoods and 10 hours for online fundraising only). If you have any questions please contact Marsha Tait at

Food prices increased by 13.1% nationally and 10.9% locally this year and have not only impacted Franklin families but have increased The Pantry’s operating costs as well. Fundraisers like Food Elves are critical to the organization – especially now amid rising food prices and increasing need.

use this QR code to find your elf or to donate
use this QR code to find your elf 
Last year the Elves raised over $95,000! These funds help to provide services and food, including fresh produce, proteins and dairy to neighbors in need. Food Elves is the Franklin Food Pantry’s largest annual fundraiser, and we can’t wait to see what the Food Elves accomplish this year!

Look for your purple envelope and consider making the holidays brighter for your neighbors by placing a donation in the purple envelope for pickup by your local Food Elf. If you have not been visited by a Food Elf you can donate via this QR code!

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