Sunday, January 1, 2023

Franklin.TV: Putter Day 2023

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 01/01/2023

The last time January 1st landed on a Sunday was in 2017, six years ago. Today, we look back on those long years with some regret. We still have to contend with a war that began in 2022 in Ukraine, a pandemic that began in 2019, and the big lie from an administration that began its deceptions in 2017. Mentally exhausting.

So, here we are. Another New Year. Instead of leaping forward, it can feel more like we’re limping forward. Somewhere in all of this I suppose I’m obligated to type something vaguely positive – like ‘hope springs eternal’. However, although hope, like ‘thoughts and prayers’ is a sweet sentiment. It’s not an action.

Without action, major events can slip sadly from hope to thoughts and prayers.
We see New Year’s Day as a fresh start, but an imaginary one. It’s just a number.

Putter Day is also a start – a call to action. Putter Day is about making that start tangible in some small way by acting to make something in your life (or a friend’s life) better. It doesn’t matter what that positive action is, or even how small it is. It’s a real start – in the right direction.

Then, after a good start, what’s next?
Just keep it rolling.

Imagine every household in America, all of us – improving, fixing or acting on something positive (no matter how small) on Putter Day.
Father Time
Father Time

Then, if we keep it rolling, perhaps Father Time would be more considerate of our new year.

May 2023 smile warmly, kindly upon us all.

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