Thursday, January 5, 2023

GoFundMe: Help Reese fight her ongoing battle with FND

"Reese Doyon, 17, a current student at Franklin High School, was recently diagnosed with FND, functional neurological disorder, and is currently battling non-epileptic seizures, occurring almost daily for up to multiple hours at a time. She has been fighting this battle since June. There are very limited resources for adolescents with this diagnosis. Reese has been admitted to Boston Children's Hospital, has been to the ER multiple times, has gotten multiple EEG’s and brain scans done, has seen multiple neurologists and therapists, and we can’t seem to get these events under control.

These seizures prevent Reese from living her everyday life, causing her to miss almost half of the school year so far. She is currently involved in various things such as Best Buddies, unified basketball, unified sports, AAU basketball, and varsity basketball at Franklin High school. Her involvement in all of these have been put to a stop due to her current state.

These seizures leave her unconscious with the loss of speech and mobility from her hips down. These could take up to 24 hours to come back. Because these seizures can occur daily, she isn’t able to live her life like an average teenager.

With this being said, we are trying to raise money for her to get a seizure-alert service dog that would help her know when a seizure is coming and KEEP HER SAFE. This dog would give both Reese and her family some comfort knowing that she will always be safe.

Also, If anyone is aware of any other resources, PLEASE let us know or contact Amy Doyon.

Any donation or share helps!!"
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