Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Did you see how many ways you can help Franklin make decisions? Police station, master plan, Davis Thayer, etc...

The Town of Franklin will be looking for help to make decisions on the police station, Davis Thayer, the Master Plan and Arts and Culture. As the legislative body, the Town Council gets to make these decisions and will be soliciting help from the community through a committee and study process for recommendations.

The Town Council meeting agenda for Weds, Jan 4, sets up the initial committees. Soon, the application process for each of these will allow for community members to state their case for a role on the committee.

Even if you are not selected for a role on the committee, the meetings are public and usually allow for participation. In these cases, there are likely to be one or more opportunities for public forums as well.

The time to get involved in helping to determine is NOW!
  • should we build a new police station, renovate the existing, if building new - where?
  • what is the best use for Davis Thayer?
  • how do we need the Master Plan to layout as objectives for the next ten years?
From the Town Council agenda for Jan 4, 2023:

f. Resolution 23-05: Police Station Building Committee Charge (Motion to Approve Resolution 23-05 - Majority Vote)

g. Resolution 23-06: Subcommittee for Arts and Cultural Initiatives (Motion to Approve Resolution 23-06 - Majority Vote)

h. Resolution 23-07: Master Plan Update Committee (Motion to Approve Resolution 23-07 - Majority Vote)

i. Resolution 23-08: Davis-Thayer Building Reuse Advisory Committee Charge (Motion to Approve Resolution 23-08 - Majority Vote)

The full agenda and remote participation info can be found ->

Franklin Police Station 911 Panther Way
Franklin Police Station 911 Panther Way

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