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School Committee hears of and approves the District Improvement Plan & FHS trip to Far East in 2025 (audio)

FM #1061 = This is the Franklin Matters radio show, number 1061 in the series. 

The Franklin (MA) School Committee met on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 as scheduled.  Six members were present (1 absent - Bernstein).

Quick recap

  • Update from Superintendent Giguere on school opening, so far good, academic year has opened in heat which everyone worked through, over 800 faculty, over 4600 students

    • Successfully hired all teachers, down to 11 ESPs needed, 2 open spots for interventionists, thanks to all who were part of the process

    • Migrant housing update: refers to the press release, DESE also alerted District, families joining on a staggered basis, approx. 25 school age children with the families already housed, collaborating to enroll, register and get them welcomed to the schools, funding assistance to be provided, dollars remain unconfirmed. Updates to be provided as info is available

  • Introductions of the new administrators from around the district

  • Next up, the district improvement plan (DIP), slides not yet posted to the meeting folder, so pix will be captured for an album to be shared as we go   

    • Committee members asked and received clarifications on points made during the DIP presentation, in the action items, the DIP was approved as presented by 6-0-1 (6 for, none against, 1 absent)

  • Presentation on a proposed trip to Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand for spring of 2025. Presentation copy can be found   

    • motion to approve trip as presented was seconded and passed by 6-0-1

  • Consent agenda was recommended for approval and it passed by 6-0-1

  • A round of updates from the various subcommittees on meetings held and or scheduled (details in the video and in my notes)

Let’s listen to the School Committee meeting of Sep 12. 

The total meeting audio runs about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Audio file ->


School Committee page -> 

Franklin TV video for replay -> 

Meeting packet folder -> 

Agenda doc & remote participation info -> 

My notes captured via Twitter during the meeting and then in a single PDF for easy reading 


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school co
Franklin, MA: School Committee Agenda for Sep 12, 2023 Meeting
Franklin, MA: School Committee Agenda for Sep 12, 2023 Meeting

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