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Monday, January 10, 2022

FHS frosh/soph indoor track meet results - Jan 9, 2022

"Congrats to Frosh/Soph medalists - Abby Griffith (1st HJ), Sarah Dumas (1st 55H), Anna Cliff (4th 300), Liz Hopkins (4th SP), Alex Pond (6th 300), Cailyn Bruno (6th 55H), Jacob Bowser (6th SP), Darby Nicholson (7th SP), Harry Gurney (7th 55H)"
"And girls 4x4 (3rd - Olivia Costa, Sarah Dumas, Alli Powderly, Anna Cliff)"

Auerbach Freshman Sophomore Large Schools Championship - 1/9/2022
Reggie Lewis ATC - Boston

The FHS individual indoor track results are shared below. The full result listing can be found in the PDF link at the end.

Girls 55 Meter Dash
Place Name Yr School Prelims H#
13 Cuneo, Sophia 10 Franklin 8.11 1

Girls 300 Meter Dash
4 Cliff, Anna 10 Franklin 44.91 6
6 Pond, Alexandra 10 Franklin 45.96 5

Girls 600 Meter Run
11 Costa, Olivia 10 Franklin 1:50.17 4
21 Powderly, Allison 10 Franklin 1:53.83 2

Girls 1000 Meter Run
13 LeBlanc, Libby 9 Franklin 3:26.34 2
17 Griffith, Meghan 9 Franklin 3:27.62 2

Girls 55 Meter Hurdles - prelim
1 Dumas, Sarah 10 Franklin 9.87 q 1
4 Bruno, Cailyn 10 Franklin 10.14 q 3

Girls 55 Meter Hurdles - Finals
1 Dumas, Sarah 10 Franklin 9.62
6 Bruno, Cailyn 10 Franklin 10.14

Girls 4x200 Meter Relay
Franklin A DQ 4
1) Cuneo, Sophia 10 2) Costa, Lainey 9 3) Pond, Madeline 10 4) Pond, Alexandra 10

Girls 4x400 Meter Relay
3 Franklin A 4:23.39 3
1) Cliff, Anna 10 2) Costa, Olivia 10 3) Dumas, Sarah 10 4) Powderly, Allison 10

Girls High Jump
1 Griffith, Abigail 10 Franklin 4-10.00
10 Bruno, Cailyn 10 Franklin 4-04.00

Girls Long Jump
14 Dumas, Sarah 10 Franklin 13-11.50 2
17 Costa, Olivia 10 Franklin 13-08.75 2

Girls Shot Put
4 Hopkins, Elizabeth 10 Franklin 29-04.50 3
7 Nicholson, Darby 10 Franklin 29-01.50 3

Boys 55 Meter Hurdles - prelim
7 Gurney, Harry 9 Franklin 9.54 q 1

Boys 55 Meter Hurdles - final
8 Gurney, Harry 9 Franklin 9.61

Boys Shot Put
6 Bowser, Jacob 10 Franklin 35-04.75 3 

Full meeting results for Large schools

FHS Panthers
FHS Panthers

Monday, September 13, 2021

FHS girls cross country results from MSTCA Relay meet 9/11/21

Coach Bailey (@FranklinHSXC) tweeted  on Sat, Sep 11, 2021:
Results from the MSTCA relay meet: the fr/so team of Batla, Loukota, Walbert finished 4th & The jr/sr team of Peng, Duffy, Lavery finished 9th.  Both teams were medal winners!
Shared from Twitter:

The FHS team results are as follows:

Girls 4.6 Mile Run CC Frosh-Sophomore
4 Franklin HS, Girls A F/S Franklin HS 31:08.35 1
18 Franklin HS, Girls C F/S Franklin HS 34:08.07 2
20 Franklin HS, Girls D F/S Franklin HS 34:36.86 2
22 Franklin HS, Girls B F/S Franklin HS 34:50.61 3

Girls 4.6 Mile Run CC Junior-Senior
8 Franklin HS, Girls E J/S Franklin HS 31:38.85 1
23 Franklin HS, Girls F J/S Franklin HS 33:18.55 3
34 Franklin HS, Girls G J/S Franklin HS 35:22.10 4

The full results can be found online with the MSTCA

FHS girls cross country results from MSTCA Relay meet 9/11/21
FHS girls cross country results from MSTCA Relay meet 9/11/21

Monday, September 10, 2018

A New Year, A New School for Freshman Students at Tri-County Regional

It’s been a great week at Tri-County! The first day of school for all students was on Tuesday, September 4th. Of the 1000-plus students to arrive, 280 freshman students were welcomed to their first day of high school.

Though the transition to high school can be difficult for many teens, especially when attending a new school with students coming from various towns, the shift can feel both intimidating and overwhelming, but also very exciting. A few freshman students were asked why they decided to come to Tri-County and how they liked their first week of high school.

Taylor Callahan
Taylor Callahan
Taylor Callahan, a freshman from North Attleboro replied, “I came to Tri-County so I could explore careers in order to get an early start in life, and I’m so happy that I did.” Students took part in Freshman Orientation Week, helping students to get to know each other and their new school through hands-on activities, team building exercises and discussions about student goals. It’s also an opportunity for incoming freshmen students to tour the building, meet teachers, review schedules, and become acclimated to the vocational high school setting.

New freshman student, Evan Costantino from Blackstone stated, “I came here to pursue a better future, to get a fresh start and to make new friends. I was super-excited for my first day because I knew this was a lot different than a traditional high school and I was happy that I got the privilege to come here. The teachers are really friendly and I’m happy to be here.”

Fellow freshman William Bedard of North Attleboro further explained, “I’ve been interested in Culinary since I was about 8 years old. I want to be prepared for the real world. This week has been great because I really liked the teachers and was able to meet new people and be reunited with other students that I’ve known in the past.”

During the week, the freshman also attended an Ice Cream Social and Extra-Curricular Fair. Tri-County offers numerous clubs and activities like Drama Club, Ski Club, Music Club and Student Government just to name a few. Students were encouraged to talk and ask questions to upper classman about their passions and interests, further encouraging them to engage in the Tri-County community.

“The activities and discussions throughout Freshman Orientation Week are meant to create a safe place where students can talk freely with one another as they explore their new vocational environment and community,” said Scott O’Brien, Director of Guidance. “One of the greatest benefits is that students begin to build strong relationships with one another, and also embrace and embody the school culture of acceptance, respect, and support for one another in order to have a successful high school experience.”

Freshman Meghan O’Shaughnessy of Walpole smiled happily stating, “I came to Tri-County because I want to graduate from high school with certifications and licenses that I’d normally get after graduation. I’d like to get the work experience so I can graduate with a good paying job while pursuing the option of attending college. This week was nerve racking, but I’ve already made new friends super-fast.” Meghan then asked to be photographed with her new friends, Corrin Fernald of Franklin and Gabby Mousa of North Attleboro.

Meghan O’Shaughnessy, Corrin Fernald, Gabby Mousa
Meghan O’Shaughnessy, Corrin Fernald, Gabby Mousa

Tri-County RVTHS, located at 147 Pond Street in Franklin, is a recipient of the High Schools That Work Gold Achievement Award and serves the communities of Franklin, Medfield, Medway, Millis, Norfolk, North Attleboro, Plainville, Seekonk, Sherborn, Walpole, and Wrentham.