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Friday, August 26, 2022

School Committee Space Needs working on vendor RFP evaluations

The Franklin Public Schools, School Committee - Space Needs Subcommittee met on Thursday afternoon, Aug 25, at 2:00 PM.  My notes taken during the meeting while participating remotely are as follows:

Quick Recap: 
  • Discussion on recap of what got them to this point, three proposal out for evaluation by team members, need to evaluate the specifics of the proposed process then look at the dollars associated with the proposals to make an overall recommendation. Individuals to complete their evals by 9/5, Miriam to compile for subcommittee to review at next meeting (9/13) and prepare recommendation for full committee to review at the 9/27 meeting.
  • Discussion on stakeholders to ensure appropriate representation of community segments, likely to request via a form for participation on such working group to have ready when vendor selection is complete so they can move forward. Expectation setting for stakeholders on work required and overall timeline for work to be completed (report Mar to May) for School Committee to decide before end of 2023 school year (June 2023). (Implementation timeline would be part of approval/decision but likely to be at least a year away from decision.)

participants (either by voice or view - I joined a couple of minutes late) 
Chair Al Charles, E Stokes, D Spencer, L Giguere, M Goodman

Chair Al Charles began with a recap of prior actions of the subcommittee.

RFP proposals being evaluated by core team, between 15&27, to SchCmte for approval, and then to contract

Proposal evaluation includes two aspects, one for specifics, a second for the dollars, only evaluation on the work proposed before getting to the dollars, layer the $s in later

Reference checks on the proposals put forward, individuals can do so, as well as the procurement office, to be accumulated by Lucas to avoid open meeting law (OML) issues

Clarification questions on process: Dollar amounts determine level of involvement, between $10-50k, RFP allows for evaluation of separate proposals; Discussion on background of RFI vs RFP processing, out to bid can force acceptance of lowest 'qualified' bidder - qualifications need to be specified in the bid proposal process

Discussion on time to read, review, Lucas example of about an hour; individuals would be to be done by 5th, the Subcomm to meet the week of the 12th, to allow for review, etc, before SchCom meeting on the 27th where this would be up for discussion and approval

Redistricting cmte discussion (examples of stakeholder groups)

  • Subcom
  • Facility's
  • Parents of each sch
  • Town Council rep
  • 3 non parent members (possible prior parents of redistricting)

Size problem with logistics, steering committee and communications absolutely required

Approx 30 as proposed

Target for a Mar to May report timeline, with recommendations by SchCom before end of school year

Discussion on school start time large group and multiple subcommittees, a different process

Setting expectations up front will be key, keeping all informed is important, it will be a lot of info to review and discuss, so over communication is better than missing someone/something

Clarity, and nonbinding req for responses, tied to release of info on process outline

There will be other resources as needed to provide specific data details as they arise

Next meeting, Sep 13 at 6:00 to 6:45pm

Possible agenda topics: 

  • Compilation of RFP data
  • Questionnaire draft
  • Comms draft
  • Determine timeline targets, consultant approval at the 27th meeting, then contract required
  • Laying foundation for the work to set up for the real work

The published agenda is here:

  • Call to Order
  • Recap of Events
  • Review RFP process and Timeline
  • Advisory Committee Planning
  • Adjourn
Complete agenda including remote connection info ->

School Committee Space Needs working on vendor RFP evaluations
School Committee Space Needs working on vendor RFP evaluations