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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Franklin Matters: Year in Review - December 2013

And December, the last month of 2013 completes the year in review

The monthly summaries

Franklin Town Common
Franklin Town Common

We had some fun playing with "Where in Franklin?"

A visit to the DelCarte playground was captured with a short video

A brief video of the snow on the Town Common was timed nicely to capture the bells of St Mary's as they rang

The fiscal policy that Franklin operates by is undergoing a review and possible update, the working draft can be found here

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Franklin Matters: Year in Review - November 2013

Rapidly coming to the close of 2013 we don't have to go back too far in the archives to find November. Did you remember

The NY Times article mentioning the preservation of Franklin's gift from Ben

Recent photos of the construction progress on the new high school

The DelCarte playground work is almost complete

The Turkey Trot collected food good sand funds to benefit the Franklin Food Pantry

The new Town Council held a planning workshop to lay out the priority on topics to be addressed by the Council

"The bear' was installed at the Sculpture Park (video)

Construction downtown will create an opportunity for 2014

The Franklin election results were very disappointing as only 11.5% of the registered voters cast their ballot

Monday, December 30, 2013

Franklin Matters: Year in Review - October 2013

not too long ago, the archives contained some good stuff from October:

The candidates in contested elections got together for a forum to share their views

The foundation for the playground at DelCarte Open Space was laid down. It was a gorgeous fall day for photos

The Town Council resolved the license suspension appeal from Ichigo Ichies as well as gave the final approval for the Cook's Farm approval

The Fire Dept held its annual Open House at the #2 Fire Station on King St

Find a pothole or street light out? Use the new smart phone app to report this!

Franklin Matters: Year in Review - September 2013

The year in review continues to dig into the archives and now we find ourselves in September...

The Library Book Sale put on by the Friends of the Library was canceled by the Library Board of Directors

The Cook's Farm proposal moved to a second reading after a divided council voted

wrought iron fencing was added to Dean College
wrought iron fencing was added to Dean College

The lineup of candidates for the November Franklin election had few races

After much good work by the Master Plan Committee, the 'Master Plan' was updated and brought to the Town Council

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Franklin Matters: Year in Review - August 2013

The end of summer came in August with the start of school before Labor Day and a flurry of news items

The allegation and suspension of a Franklin High School teacher

A new drop off pattern for parents at the high school

New traffic speed signs were added to King St at the crossing to the Parmenter School

The School Building Committee heard an update on the High School and the options proposed for Davis Thayer

Warrant Officer David Bullukian, Jr.
Warrant Officer David Bullukian, Jr.

A series of posts to share Franklin's Fallen Heroes from World War II

Franklin Matters: Year in Review - July 2013

Half way through the archives for 2013, we find ourselves in July

The Town Council, Planning Board and others held a special meeting to talk through the zoning issues for the proposed high density development at Cook's Farm

The Community Garden was in full bloom

Growing in the Franklin Community Garden
Growing in the Franklin Community Garden

The timeline for the local election to be held November 5th was announced

The school district conducted a survey on the school calendar and published the results

With the school construction underway, there were no fireworks for the 4th of July. Whether there will be for 2014 or not remains to be seen. We did share a video of the 2012 fireworks.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Franklin Matters: Year in Review - June 2013

Strolling through the archives for 2013, we find ourselves in June

Tension did rise during the discussion about the Cook's Farm proposal

The Town Council put forward the question on whether we should have a mayor or not?

Construction on the new high school brought out the bricks!

Across town there was construction on the solar farm at Mount St Mary's Abbey

BMAC's campaign to go down under caught a lot of attention

An for the time being at least, anaerobic digestion was tabled

Franklin Matters: Year in Review - May 2013

Stepping back into the archives for Mary 2013 we find

Photos of the parade on Memorial Day

The new word added to our vocabulary was "anaerobic digestion"

The Historical Museum had a good talk on the farming in Franklin

Construction on the new high school continued and the 'quality' wall was built

There were choices for road races to be run this month. The Elks 5K raised funds for the Franklin Food Pantry and the Wounded Warrior Project

Friday, December 27, 2013

Franklin Matters: Year in Review - April 2013

Continuing our look back into the archives we step into April 2013 and find:

The tour of Franklin High School was the best attended of all the school tours thus far

DPW Director Robert (Brutus) Cantoreggi provided an update to the Town Council on work that would be occurring in and around Franklin being done or coordinated by the DPW

One of the DPW projects was work on in and around East, West and Nason Sts

Work on the Sculpture Park was also one of the DPW projects

April also was the running of the annual the Boston Marathon. Many Franklin runners, friends and relatives had anxious moments due to the plans that were disrupted that day. Our world was changed.

Franklin Matters: Year in Review - March 2013

Continuing to close out the calendar year, we step back into the archives to recall what happened in March 2013.

The sculpture park was announced

The Franklin Education Foundation (FEF) held its annual Trivia Bee

The Community Garden prepared for its new planting season

The Finance Committee got a preview of the proposal for the improvements to DelCarte

Steel girders rose to start shaping the new Franklin High School building

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Franklin Matters: Year in Review -> February 2013

What happened in February?

On the business front, Pour Richard's relocated their liquor license to open at 14 Grove St

The Historical Museum hosted a talk on Franklin's rail history

Nemo buried Franklin in lots of snow

Franklin Matters: Year In Review -> January 2013

What happened in January?

The argument for the Treasurer/Collector to make another try to go from elected to appointed was re-introduced.

Vera Meyer returned to the Franklin Historical Museum to help celebrates Benjamin Franklin's birthday

creation of a bylaw to allow medical marijuana zoning is going to the Economic Development Committee before coming back to the Council and the Planning Board process.

The road condition report was published listing the roads from "worst to first" by condition ranking