Thursday, March 12, 2009

Live reporting - Financial Plng Comm - cont'd

Data integrity checks; keeping the original sources marked and separate to come back to when the deck is complete

always took the conservative number and one that could be reasonably justified

bulk of employment has gone down from the schools but the school population has still increased

the town employment side has lost employment while the number of roads, houses, population has all increased

there are a lot of interesting things that aren't going to make the cut

one of the key values of the chart showing the overall per pupil cost in comparison to other relative communities, is that we are not overspending

The state aid will be a variable within a range, what reasonable conclusions can we draw about the possible ranges for state aid? Could it be flat, sure. When will the recovery occur? Anyone's guess but when it does come back, all the revenue streams, income tax, excise tax, etc. will increase and help.

The best guess is the most conservative, flat next year, and modest increases thereafter.

It could go below flat if we don't get a recovery for 2011

Next meeting: March 26th
Focus group: April 2nd

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