Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Live reporting - Discussion only items

3. Discussion Only Items
  • FY 2010 Budget Matters
Ogden - Maureen and I are making the rounds
$200,000 increased circuit breaker
$125,000 central office, administration wage freeze
We are still waiting to receive Federal Stimulus money, possible to get just over a $1 M
Not sure how we can use it yet, the Federal level has not determined the usage yet

Meal tax, etc still being worked in Boston, those could add $1 M to the overall Franklin budget of which some of that would come to the Schools

Budget hearing schedule tentative dependent upon when the final numbers are ready from the State and Federal sources

  • Ten-Year Summary of Capitol Projects at FHS
The PDF File of Mike D'Angelo's memo to Wayne Ogden with the listing of capital projects can be found here.

in essence, there is documentation for approx. $4 million of improvements and repairs to the high school over the past 10 years

There is an additional $2.5 million associated with the new field and the repairs of the other fields

EPA grant to clean out chemical storage, etc. Because it is a grant, that is not on this listing

This listing is those items of $10,000 or more.
Replacement of eye wash stations would not meet that criteria so there are additional expenses not reflected here

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