Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"I think it'll help everybody"

The two communities will begin by sharing the first flag football game of the year, in Medway in late April or early May, said Town Administrator Jeffrey D. Nutting.

Franklin has recreational staff and extensive programs and activities, and Medway has residents willing to pay the fees to participate, since the town only offers minimal recreational activities.

"It's a win-win for everyone," Nutting said.

"It gives us revenue to keep our fees down" by contributing to overhead costs, he said.

Franklin Recreation Department Director Ryan Jette said about 5,800 kids in Franklin participate and Nutting said the department has revenue of about $400,000 per year.

"We're not going to get rich off this, but if we can make $10,000 for a little bit of work, it's worth a try," Nutting said.

Under the agreement, Medway residents can participate in a Franklin Recreation Department program or activity after Franklin residents have been given a chance to register.

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