Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Live reporting - Horace Mann Enrichment Model

c. Horace Mann Middle School Enrichment Model Presentation
  • Anne Bergen
  • Rob Vacca
  • Jacqui Berger
  • Trich Metrick
  • Bert Garr
  • Mark Brady
  • Dr Bergen

SchCom: Horace Mann Enrichment Model

Wrote a grant to obtain funds to support the program
Gave up some of their Saturday's to take course on gifted and talented curriculum
Expose the kids to exciting things so they will want to read

Mr Garr - enrichment clusters
connecting kids to their passions, get them involved with experiential learning
  • One cluster on architectural design, formed a relationship with Harvard on design/CAD
  • One on WWI and the Holocaust
  • A parent came forward with interest on the JFK Assassination
  • Most kids don't mind writing, they just need an opportunity to write about things they like
  • A group worked on an on-line music review blog
The showcase will be on Horace Mann's final day of school (whatever it calculates out to be)

Jacqui Berger
  • Visited Raythenon, NitroPlastics
  • New England Laborers Training Academy (for building and construction)
  • With Northeastern and other local universities
  • Visited the MIT Museum, spoke with MIT students
  • BU Medical, City Lab, 8th graders working on experiments in a real lab environment
main initiative to get kids interested in science

Mr Vacca

NCTA - traveled with 19 other educators to Southeast Asia
made connections with those teachers and continue to share/learn
Professor and 4-5 graduate students scheduled to visit Horace Mann in May
will cost only the gas expense for the graduate students

Mr Brady

Direction of this is to break out of the classroom to make the learning very real
International robotics competition, has two teams at Horace Mann
Find out Sep 5th, the research project behind the project is a great deal of work not seen by others as the focus in on the robots and the competition
Introduce student on personal finance, entrepreneurship
Investing, focus on the assumptions behind how and why you do so, we don't think strategically anymore, 18 months is not strategic
More students in the 18-26 age group actually declare bankruptcy than graduate

Student lead yard sale - May 9th
Any items for sale, please contact the school office

Armenio - I find this fascinating, anything that can make the education ore real is good
Anything you can do to get the community into the classroom is great

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