Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Live reporting - Superintendent update

5. Information Matters
• Superintendent’s Report
  • Enrollment Comparison
  • FY08 Per Pupil Expenditure Comparison to State Average
expenses per state average below across all eleven categories counted at the state level
a year ago we were below in 10 of the 11, and forecasted that we would be below in all 11
If we continue this trend, we will be below the state minimum level and the town will be forced to cut from the town side to fund the schools at the minimum level

actually one of the 11, we do want to be below the state average. In that one category, special ed students sent out of district, we are below the state average and should be, that is a good number to be

While we are still meeting scholastic performance and are performing above average, I don't know who long that will last. 2 of our middle schools are one year into a performance plan for not meeting the annual performance requirements

  • FHS Building Projects

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