Thursday, March 26, 2009

Live reporting - Financial Plng cont'd

let's get to the "what we can do about this"
  • If we don't provide funding, the quality of education and services will go down.
  • We would need to look the inherent cost structure of salaries and benefits.
  • We would need to look at the unfunded mandates.
It is not like they unfunded mandates are frivolous, there needs to be some State/Federal funding for those mandates.

One point was to prove that we have been fiscally responsible. It has been done, the recent bond rating proves that point as well. We should continue to manage in the fiscally conservative manner as we have done.

Should add "reduction in property value" as a bullet? This is a big fear of a lot of folks.

the compensation package for employees needs to be sustainable as well as competitive

discussion on splitting the focus group into two, one group comes at 7:00 and one comes at 8:00.
April 2 -

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