Friday, March 27, 2009

"learning is not a linear exercise, it’s random, it’s self-directed, it looks like spaghetti."

It’s been a great 10 days in Australia, one that’s been too packed for much blogging, obviously, and one that was highlighted yesterday by a visit to one of those “I really wish my kids went to school there” type of schools in a Melbourne suburb. It’s hard to capture everything that’s cool about the Wooranna Park Primary School in a blog post, but let me boil it down to this: the kids are driving the learning, from the design of the school and the curriculum to the decision making around school policy and more. It’s one of those inquiry-based learning environments where the moment you step into it you just feel something different. Different spaces. Different colors. Different conversations. Different stuff up on the walls.
Read the full posting by Wil Richardson on his blog here.

Franklin has been a model district for others in the state to come and view, especially with regards to the kindergarten program. Will that continue?

Franklin, we will need to decide which way we want to go. We can step up to properly fund the schools and our future. Or not.

What will Franklin decide?

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