Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Live reporting - Capital projects at FHS

3. Discussion Only Items
  • Budget to Actual - no questions, discussion

  • Mike D’Angelo – Capital Projects at FHS
Listing of projects previously presented (view document here)

Mike is talking to the items on the listing above.

Lots of energy reductions in lighting and heating processed in last several years. The utility companies have contributed to those efforts.

Cafasso - When you look at the last five years other than the generator, there really hasn't been much done for the building itself. Can you explain why the Town has not invested in this period?

D'Angelo - When we got the capital in 2005 for what we did, we know that the school building projects were going to be started and pending what that was going to result in, we held off. If something could be replaced and saved in a renovation, we would do that. If something would not be recoverable, why spend money since we don't know whether there was going to be state funding and at what level.

In an unoccupied building, the renovations would take 2 years. In an occupied building like at King Phillip, they were there five years.

We are approaching the crossroads where the State is going to have to say something to us. If they don't, the Building Committee, School Committee and Town Council are going to make a decision.

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