Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Live reporting - Elementary schools

36 grade level configurations, six elementary schools, six grades at each school

Red indicates class size exceed the school committee guidelines; only five of the 36 would meet the guidelines

The high class sizes will be costly for academic success

To meet guidelines, needed to think out of the box, how? Change kindergarten from full time to half-day.

The second elementary slide shows how the nine kindergarten teachers would be re-positioned to help reduce the class sizes in the worse cases. This would still leave 24 classes with size exceeding guidelines.

Switching to half-day would be devastating, we have been a model district. Others in the state have visited us to see how it works.

This would also eliminate library across the elementary level!
No resources for library in this draft.

Would loose the kindergarten grant, associated aides, and loose of NAEYC accreditation.

If some of the million in additional funds came through, that would add 20 teachers to the district. 8 of those would be allocated to elementary, 8 to the high school and 4 to the middle schools.

The major update is going from full day to half day kindergarten!

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